NIKE The Nike Premier - Men Nike x Sneakers

NIKE The Nike Premier - Men Nike x Sneakers

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NIKE ☆ The Nike Premier


"Like wearing different sneakers... (be-_-').

When that looks great in the popular and fashionable NIKE sneakers?

I feel radiant on different from the usual sneaker (* be Eulalia ')



Collect the popular from a wide range of generations, a world-famous sportswear & shoes brand ☆ ☆

Nike is andwomen brand was founded in the United States.

Start the item development first began development of sport shoes, but decorate the sports scene in total.

We will not limited to sport casual item is expanded.

In famous athletes who love shoes and items that become famous in the world, but to sports
The casual highlights become energetic and wears only colours and some sophisticated urban and smart design.

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Black/Orange Blaze/Summit White

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8 26
8.5 26.5
9 27
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10 28
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13 31

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NIKE The Nike Premier - Men Nike x Sneakers